General Questions

How are give-away promotions run?

All PMMpro give away promotions are run the the following manner and we recommend something similar to all our users if they run such a promotion for their company. 1. No employees or relatives of employees are eligible to win. 2. A date for the drawing will be announced in advance and published in promotional materials. 3. All entries are reported by the system in a list sorted by date of entry. 4. On the drawing date, a winning number between 1 and the total number of entries will be generated by a random number generator. 5. Counting from the top of the list (line 1), the entry at the line that matches the winning number on the date and time of the drawing will be selected as the winner. 6. If the winning entry is from an ineligible person, or the entrant does not respond to our efforts to make contact within 24 hours, the next entry down will be chosen. This will continue down the list until a successful winner is selected. If no successful winner is selected before reaching the bottom of the list, the top entry on the list will be attempted and down from there until a winner is successfully chosen.

What if I want to change or cancel my account?

You can change your plan, profile, or any account settings in the "My Account" drop-down menu in your PMM account. To cancel your account, please call your sales associate or phone us at 951-821-8659. After we confirm your identity, we will cancel per your contractual teams with Pinnacle Mobile Marketing, Inc.

Collect Contacts

How do I build my database?

There are two major approaches to building your contact list. Via the Internet - Using our online signup pages (OSP) - Using our embedded signup page (eOSP) - Facebook Widget Via Mobile Keywords - Normal Type - Mobile Voting Type - Shuffle Responder Type

What is the disclosure field when creating a keyword?

In compliance to MMA regulations - when an individual opts into a distribution list - the advertiser must provide an estimate of how many messages an individual will receive in a given month. This will not prevent you to send messages above this threshold value. The optee will receive a text notification. "Welcome! Msg Data rates may apply. Up to X# msg/mo. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel."

Why is my mobile keyword not working?

a. When creating a mobile keyword, the very last step would be selecting the frequency at which the auto-response message is sent to the contact after he/she texts the keyword to the short code. There are three options you can choose from in this step: i. Only once per mobile number. If a number is already on the distribution list that is attached to this keyword they will not receive the auto-response message. ii. Only once every (hour, day, week, month, year). A customer can only receive the auto-response message every hour, day, week, month, or year depending on which one you choose. For example if you select every hour and the customer texts the keyword twice within one hour, they will only receive the auto-response message once. iii. Every time. No matter how many times the customer texts the keyword, they will get the auto-response message every time. b. The reason a keyword might not be working when you test it, is because the last step was set to “Only once per mobile number”. Again, if the number is already in the distribution list, you will not receive the auto-response message. We suggest that if you are running test to select “Every time” in the last step. Once testing is complete you can go back into your keyword and change the selection to “Only once per mobile number

Why are two messages sent out when my customer texts the keyword, and can I remove the REPLY STOP to cancel?

When someone texts a keyword for the first time, there are two messages that are sent to their phones: a welcome standard data rates may apply and the auto-response message which you create. The “Welcome standard data rates” message is a requirement mandated by the MMA guidelines and our contract with our supported phone carriers. However, due to this requirement, it will not cost you any text credits. In addition - the “REPLY STOP to cancel” is required and therefore must appear on every message that is sent to a contact.

Manage Contacts

How do I import contact phone numbers into my distribution lists?

Start by Clicking "Request Access" A member of the PMM team will review and enable the importing feature on your account. Once you are approved, we highly suggest you run your numbers through the Utilities filtering feature provided on your account before importing. This will separate the phone land-lines from the mobile phone numbers. The Utilities feature can be found under the “Manage Contacts” page on your account. It will only accept uploads from CSV (comma separated value) excel files in the format of: Column A – Mobile Number (No leading 1s or 0s; No symbols) Column B – First Name Column C – Last Name Once you run the CSV file through the Utilities feature, we will filter the file into 2 different CSV files; One for the mobile numbers (which you may import after approval), and another for non-mobile numbers. When you are ready to begin the Import process, just click onto the “Manage Contacts” page on your account, and select the bubble that says “Import US Mobile Numbers from a spreadsheet file saved in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format”. You will then be prompted to upload the contacts from your CSV files into your desired distribution lists

Send Messages

How does shorten URL work? Is it required?

a. In many of our features you'll notice there is a shorten URL tool, which is great way to save characters when sending text messages. What the shorten URL tool does is it takes a long URL code and shortens it to a bit.ly link. To implement this task, simply enter the whole URL (“http://” included) into the URL tool field. If you want to include a custom code (like your company initials) check the box and enter the code you want added into the data entry box (that code will be used in the shortened URL.) Next click “Shorten URL”. Then copy the shortened URL and paste it into your message. b. Although this tool will help you save on text characters, it does not mean you have to insert a URL to your message. c. If you change your mind, you can click anywhere outside the shorten URL box and it will disappear. Be sure you copy the shortened code before clicking outside the box or you will have to start over. Please Note You'll have to cut and paste the shortened URL into the text message box. If you do not complete this step - the URL link will not be present on the sent message.

Premium Features

Where and how can I change my keyword?

You may have as many keywords as your plan allows for. You can add and delete at anytime. You don't change an existing keyword - but rather delete the old then add the new. If you require additional keywords - you may choose to upgrade your plan, or call your PMM sales associate, or call us at 951-821-8659

How do I create a Facebook Sign-Up Page?

Go to Collect Contacts -> Create A New Online Sign-up Page. Check the box for Facebook Sign-up Page and complete all required fields. * Note: In order to create a Facebook Sign-up Page, you must first have your Facebook account(s) connected to your PMM account. You can link your accounts by clicking on ‘My Account’ and going to ‘Social Networking Accounts’

How do I begin sending voice broadcasts to my distribution list?

There are 2 ways your contacts can start receiving voice broadcasts. 1. Contacts can register their landline number or mobile number via an Online Sign-up Page (OSP) to receive voice broadcasts. Be sure you include language on your OSP specifying that by signing up they are agreeing to receive recorded messages from you. 2. You can import a distribution list after signing and uploading a Voice Import Contract. You will need to fill out and submit a document confirming that the numbers on the list have opted-in for voice messages. Once approved, LANDLINE contacts can receive voice broadcasts. To send a voice broadcast to MOBILE NUMBERS, an SMS text will be sent to contacts first, asking them to opt-in to receive voice broadcasts. Once contacts reply with ‘OK’ via SMS text, you can begin to send voice messages. All contacts that are sent voice broadcasts MUST opt-in first. (Either by signing up via OSP or by opting-in via SMS text.) PMM accounts that send voice broadcasts without their contacts’ consent will be suspended.

How do I view the results of my mobile voting campaign?

Once a mobile voting campaign has been created and is active, you can view REAL TIME results by going to the “Mobile Voting” home screen, scrolling down to the “Recent History” box, and clicking “Report” next to the campaign you wish to view results.

How do contacts redeem coupons?

After a coupon campaign has been created, you will be provided with a redemption link that you can forward to any of your sales clerks. When contacts receive their coupon code, which is unique to each mobile number, they can just present the text with the code to a clerk at which point the clerk will enter the code as well as mobile number on the redemption site.

Appointment Reminders

How do I import appointment reminders?

You can import contacts by uploading a CSV (comma separated value) file. Please read the following instructions carefully. File must be a CSV (comma separated value) file. For instructions on converting an Excel file to a CSV file, please watch our "Import Contacts tutorial video." The CSV file should contain 7 columns with header row in the following order: Appointment Date Time, Send Date Time, First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Org. Name, and Message. A minimum of one contact information for each record is required but names are optional. Dashes, parenthesis, commas, apostrophes, quotes, and other special characters are not allowed in any field except in the Date Time field.

Manage Account

Does PMM provide us with a list of phone numbers that we can add to our list?

No, PMM has a strict opt-in subscription policy. The contact information you are approved to upload must consist of your own customer database. In other words, only people who have voluntarily opted-in can be a part of your distribution lists. Speak to your sales associate for coaching on the best ways to start building your own opt-in list.

When I sign up for a PMM account, am I locked into a contract for a designated period?

In most cases, No. Unlike our competitors, you are not locked into any contract unless specified in advance and in writing, and then only for special or custom services not included in the standard service list. In other words, you may cancel your account with Pinnacle Mobile Marketing, Inc. at any time. However, we do offer substantial discounts for those who are interested in prepaying for 6 to 12 months.