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Social Icon Social Media Marketing

Social networks put the power of the people in anyone’s hands – including yours. With Pinnacle Mobile Marketing, you can harness word-of-mouth marketing to build brand awareness with an audience of millions. You’ll experience an influx in fans, likes, and news feed impressions to better broadcast your business. Make the most of your networks and turn fans into customers.

How does it work?

From one convenient place, you can launch an orchestrated social-media campaign:

Facebook and Twitter Feed Compatibility.

Gain exposure by updating your Facebook and Twitter feeds simultaneously in one easy step.

Facebook Like-gating.

Give your audience an incentive to Like you by providing a preview of exclusive deals and news they can see only after Liking your fanpage.

Facebook Widget.

Collect any customer data right from your Facebook fanpage to create targeted campaigns.

Social & Mobile Voting.

Gain insight into public opinion and boost audience engagement through surveys to an extended audience on Facebook, mobile, or both.

Facebook Page Tab Editor.

Easily add and customize tabs for your Facebook page, or instantly create them using our templates.

Facebook Coupons.

Boost Facebook Likes and drive traffic to your business by offering coupons conveniently from your Facebook tab. Even generate a UPC barcode that can be scanned with your existing point-of-sale (POS) system.

Pinnacle's Complete All-In-One Package:

Without a doubt, social media opens up new doors to connect with your audience. But not everyone is on the social grid. To help you reach your entire audience, Pinnacle offers today’s other popular channels, like mobile text, email, IM, and voice broadcast, all in one integrated dashboard at one bundled price. With multiple ways to connect with your customer, your marketing strategy is now complete and ready to compete in today’s rapidly changing digital world.