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As an electronic marketing channel, email has matured. It's true, there are numerous email marketing services but none more sophisticated, and none who offer all the marketing channels in one package. Electronic marketing is evolving and email by itself is no longer sufficient, but combined with the other channels of mobile marketing, the effectiveness of your email campaigns will skyrocket!

Email Marketing Solutions

From one convenient place, you can launch an orchestrated email campaign:

Send your email messages in STYLE.

Pinnacle's professionally designed email templates make it easy for you to send and track your email marketing campaigns in style. Our customizable emails allow you to match your email newsletters, event invitations and other internet marketing collateral with your company brand and logo. You can also use Pinnacle's mail-merge feature to add a more personal touch in each message!

Advanced scheduling system.

Now you have the option of scheduling your email marketing campaigns in advance. Why wait? Set your email campaign schedules for the whole month or year in ONE day!

Watch your customer contact lists grow.

Use your email marketing campaigns as a vehicle for growing your customer contact lists! Advertise Pinnacle's customizable Online Sign Up Pages (OSPs) and Mobile Keyword tools in your email blasts as a way to collect your customers' contact information along with any additional data.

Tracking & Deliverability

Learn more about your campaign performance, whether it's your email campaign and/or SMS text messages through advanced reporting– all in one place. You can now track email open rate, sign ups, and more!

Spam Filter.

Use our spam filter to see if your email campaign is at risk. See how you can improve your delivery over time through our spam filter suggestions.

Pinnacle's Complete All-In-One Package:

You already know how important email marketing is but many of your customers are soured by the amount of time it takes to sort through mountains of unwanted messages so they tend to ignore email campaigns with increasing frequency. To help you reach your entire audience, Pinnacle offers today’s other popular channels, like mobile text, social media, IM, voice broadcast and even custom mobile apps, all in one integrated dashboard at one bundled price. With multiple ways to connect with your customer, your marketing strategy is now complete and ready to compete in today’s rapidly changing digital world.